Do it yourself

Creativity that carries the memory of time

Lucanian craftsmanship finds its most ancient origins in the pastoral peasant culture, handing down the main aspects even in its most modern manifestations.

The products that belong to Lucano craftsmanship are made to meet both aesthetic requirements and the needs of everyday life.

The tools used to make the shapes and objects are obtained from the elements that nature makes available, with the exception of metals, such as wood, tuff, clay, papier-mâché textile fibres, wicker and straw.

A detailed research into the local craftsmanship reality, often far from the national spotlight, has highlighted and exhibited a large number of Lucanian goldsmiths, cabinetmakers, papier-mâché makers, blacksmiths, tailors, ceramists and creative people who reinvent objects with contemporary taste and visions, inspired by the genius loci.


Do It Yourself - Pottery Workshop in Matera

During this pottery workshop in Matera you will make a small ceramic artefact by shaping raw materials on a potter’s wheel directed by a local ceramist.

Crea che Ricrea - The art of Twisting Threads

crea che ricrea threads workshop 2
The thread workshop, or the art of twisting threads, is in a typical craft studio in the Sassi, carved entirely out of tufa rock, and is led by Ms Lina.