Matera Underground: music and wine experience


~ 2 hours


Max 10 people

By reservation only

Discover natural silos, cisterns, icehouses, quarries, cellars and caves

Matera Underground Experience is a path to discover natural silos, cisterns, icehouses, quarries, cellars and caves in the old town. Thanks to the unique characteristics of this exclusive place, it is possible to live an amazing experience with a music performance and a food & wine tasting in the Underground areas of this UNESCO heritage site. 

A unique sound performance in the Sassi

The performance is the result of the musicians’ special attention to the production of sound as a craft material. The intense study of the location by the artist tends to safeguard the sharpness of the attack. Sound and creative perspectives available to the musician are broadened: the sound resonates and relates with the whole cistern.

The musicians become an instantaneous composer and modulates his perception of his instrument, which is no longer just a sound source, but encompasses his surroundings.

The guest is enveloped and involved in this sound experience, finding himself in a ‘spherical sound’ Matera Underground Experience.


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    Sounds and wine: a multi-sensorial experience

    We offer a one-of-a-kind tasting experience that combines sound and taste, setting it apart from usual one. This original approach creates an amazing, relaxed, and highly interactive atmosphere that will leave you wanting more.

    One does not have the perception of a distant sound source, to which one is accustomed, but finds oneself inside a musical instrument in the process of music creative inspiration: music, one of life’s simple, yet incredibly complex pleasures which has the power to alter our emotions and even change the way we perceive things around us.

    Some research in related fields suggest that this wine-music relationship, which is considere a “cross-modal correspondence”, could be driven by emotional responses. These types of emotional responses have been seen in research related to sound-taste, color-sound, color-odor, sound-odor, and shape-taste correspondences, which would suggest that the wine-music correspondence may also be controlled by emotion. We would explore that music can alter the tasting profiles we give wines, deeming them as better quality.

    You get to know the hidden affinities and stories behind the music, complemented and enhanced by the unique characteristic of each wine. You get savour the rich melodies, sparkling textures and lush harmonies of works by professional composers and musicians, guided by personal insights from a sommelier and performers in a suggestive Matera Underground site.  

    Drinking wine is a stimulating journey of discovery that employs the senses: musician suggest you how to make a wine music combo cn give you the best experience. Having a sommelier help you to appreciate various styles of wines which can complement these auditory and emotional connections to consider wine as “music to drink” and music as “wine to listen to”. 

    Come and experience the difference for yourself!

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    2 hours

    Max 10 people.

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    • Finally, cancellation of the reservation is permitted free of charge and without penalty up to 15 days before the date of the tour/experience.


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