Pottery Workshop in Matera


~ 2 hours


Max 2 people

By reservation only

Making Your Ceramic Artefact

During this pottery workshop in a typical cave you will make by yourself a small ceramic artefact by shaping on a potter’s wheel helped by a local professional ceramist.

You will be able to discover the architectural and scenic beauty of the city of Matera and you will be able to experience at first hand, inside a craft workshop, the ancient art of pottery making.

Raw materials of our land

Terracotta and ceramic objects are part of Lucania’s noble craft tradition. In the beginning they were everyday objects such as amphorae, jugs, plates and glasses made from dried or baked clay, then with the passage of time they became true artistic and aesthetic elements, also thanks to pictorial decoration.

The workshop will enable us to learn and experiment with some techniques resulting from local craftsmanship.

Roughness and ripples of mineral and telluric ceramics that recall the gullies between Aliano and Montalbano Jonico, creating a bridge with the cultural landscape of Basilicata.

This land speaks to us”, says the architect and designer, “it frees with its signs the voices that groan in it. I listen to it, I pick up its voice and build objects that interpret it”.


An indelible memory of your visit

Directing the workshop, as well as our work, will be Biagio, an architect and ceramist from Lucania who, in his workshop, creates design objects with the raw material wisely chosen and worked with his own hands.

The object that will gradually take shape can be customised and will represent your indelible memory of the most authentic Lucania.

The workshop offered here is the ideal experience to combine with a guided tour of the Sassi of Matera.

important informations

€ 79/each italian language

€119/each english language

2 hours every day, sunday excluded, at 5.00 pm

It’s recommended to wear clothes that can get dirty

Max 2 people

  • For any need, contact Crea Experience – tel.3493908382 – email info@creaexperience.it
  • Finally, cancellation of the reservation is permitted without any penalty only if this is communicated to the email address info@creaexperience.it