Park of Rock Churches Walking Tour


~ 2 hours


Max 15 people

By reservation only

An easy walk through places full of history and culture

The archaeological, historic and natural Park of rock churches in Matera (usually called Parco of the Murgia) is a treasure chest of unique and unimited fascination.

Places full of history and culture, the age-old man who has always lived in this territory in perfect harmony with nature. Since prehistoric times here then the caves, Neolithic entrenched villages, a hundred rock churches, the pastoral jazzi and ancient farms. Over 150 rock-carved places of worship, called rupestrian churches, give the Murgia plateau a spiritual atmosphere since the early Middle Ages.

The deep canyon’s stunning landscape acquires a new meaning as a place of the soul, besides being a scene of visible traces of agro-pastoral activities, dating back to the Neolithic period.


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    An easy walk on the Murgia plateau

    It’s an easy walk on the Murgia plateau, enjoying a tour, within the ‘Natural Historical Archaeological Park of the Rock Churches’, led by an experienced licensed local guide. It will be possible to explore the naturalistic and geological aspects of the park, by walking on the edge of the deep ‘ravine. Visit rock churches such as “Madonna delle Tre Porte” is an incredible heaven on earth for anyone who loves nature, history, art and traditions.

    You have the chance to listen to an exciting and cultural storytelling of the ancient time and hidden city and to observe the Sassi area walking on movie locations. This tour is for small groups of up to 15 persons and the duration is approximately 2 hours.

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    2 hours

    Meeting point: viale Aldo Moro, 14 c/O BASE, Matera

    Max 15 participants

    • For any need, contact Crea Experience – tel.3493908382 – email
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