Outdoor Adventures

Satisfy your needs, tastes, and yearnings for exploration

Each part of our country is a treasure chest of wonders and alluring proposals to satisfy your needs, tastes, and yearnings for exploration. Located at the “arch and instep” of the Italian boot, between Apulia to the East, Calabria to the Southwest and Campania to the North, the region of Basilicata is one of the best-kept secrets of Italy.

You could discover itineraries, routes that wind through marvelous natural scenery, enthralling trekking, hiking and walking paths.

Whether you are a sportsman or prefer to relax with a walk or a leisurely trip to discover the gems of our land, you will be fascinated by the incredible variety of landscapes and activities you can undertake.

Although it has two stretches along the Tyrrhenian and Ionian shores, Basilicata remains a hilly region offering an amazing combination of outdoor adventures and natural wonders given its variety of majestic landscapes.

matera outdoor experiences 2024

Murgia Night Trek: Enjoy a unique view of Matera

A different way of walking in the Matera Murgia Natural Park. Enjoy the nocturnal landscape and the breathtaking view of the Sassi di Matera.

Matera_Sunset Horse Riding tour on Murgia Park

matera horseback riding tour 2
Horseback Riding on the Murgia Park paths, near Matera, through the Parata Forest, accompanied by a professional instructor in a complete safe manner.

Flying over Matera: a scenic aerial view of Sassi

A 30’ flight over Sassi on a private gyrocopter, in a total safety manner discovering new perspectives of fascinating landscapes.

Park of
rock churches walking tour

park rock churches walking tour 7 scaled
The archaeological, historical and natural park of the rock churches of Matera, known as the Murgia Park, is an area of unique and inexhaustible charm.

Apulia Canyon: Walking and Tasting Paths

DSC 0665 Migliorato NR scaled
A guided hiking along Apulia Canyon in a natural oasis, close to Laterza, few km far from Matera, tasting local delicacies and relaxing in a majestic landscape.