Night trek: walking tour in the Murgia Park


~ 2 hours


Max 15 people

By reservation only

A different way of walking in Matera!

A different way of walking in the Matera Murgia Natural Park with an expert guide. Enjoy the nocturnal landscape and the breathtaking view of the Sassi of Matera.

The area is well known for its famous rock churches, which for centuries have made the gorge a unique and spiritual place, an ancient meeting place of nature and devotion. But the plateau has much older traces, dating back to prehistoric times. There are Neolithic settlements and tombs dating back to several thousand years before Christ.

Starting from Jazzo Gattini, just a few minutes from Matera, a two-hours itinerary leads to the discovery of the rock churches carved into the side of the Matera ‘ravine. You can learn about the naturalistic and landscape aspects and take the perfect photo of Matera from the other side of the ‘ravine. The itinerary continues with a visit to two rock churches, normally inaccessible without a guide, San Falcione and Madonna delle Tre porte, where the main architectural and artistic features will be explained.


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    Moving in the fascinating night of Murgia

    Culture and nature come together in a tour that becomes even more exciting at night

    An easy walk to enjoy a different and stimulating experience, recommended for those who want to see Matera from a different perspective.

    Sunset does not automatically mean that it is time to end the hike. On the contrary, hiking at night has its specific charm and offers a completely new perspective of the route, which you thought had nothing to surprise you with.

    A beautiful night sky, where, thanks to the lack of light smog, you will see much more than what you are used to from the city. The Milky Way and the thousands of stars will become your tour guide. Due to the lack of visual sensations, you will learn to move in nature with the help of other senses and you will get to know nature from a completely different angle, at night there is no threat of unpopular crowds on hiking trails.

    Open your eyes, turn off your mobile phone and let yourself be enchanted by the Murgia at night in a timeless atmosphere.

    important informations

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    2 hours

    Meeting point: Jazzo Gattini, Contrada Murgia Timone, Matera

    Comfortable wear and shoes are recommended

    Transfer is not included but is on request with an additional cost.

    Max 15 people

    • For any need, contact Crea Experience – tel.3493908382 – email
    • Finally, cancellation of the reservation is permitted free of charge and without penalty up to 15 days before the date of the tour/experience.


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